Do your bit to Love Leicester

Doing your bit to Love Leicester is easy - you can report grot spots using this website and our apps. Or you can text and picture message us.

Once you’ve done your bit, we’ll do the rest. If the problem’s on public land, we’ll get onto it quickly. Any problems on private property will take us longer to fix.

Use our website

Sign in using your account details for Twitter, Facebook, Google, OpenID, WordPress, Windows Live ID, Yahoo, Blogger, MyOpenID, AOL, Verisign or flickr.

Once you’re logged in, pick a location, share a picture if you've got one, tell us some details and send.

If you don't have an account with one of these already then you can get one for free by visiting any of those sites.

Or you can create a Love Leicester account.

Text or picture message us

Send a text with details or a picture message to 07725 202020 with LCS-LCL in the subject field or the first part of the message.

After you've done your bit for Love Leicester

We’ll email or text you to confirm we’ve got the details of the problem. You can keep track of how we’re doing to fix it on this website. You can also see more grot spots shared by others and what we've done to fix these.

Getting support

You can help on using Love Leicester by visiting the Love Clean Streets support community

Don't forget our apps

It’s easy to do your bit once you’ve got our Love Leicester app from the store.

  • Step one: see a grot spot
  • Step two: open up Love Leicester on your smartphone
  • Step three: take a picture of the problem
  • Step four: add some detail then send and we’ll do the rest

You don’t have to do it there and then – you can take a picture and tell us about the problem later on if you want. But the sooner you tell us the quicker we can fix it.