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Near 359 Aylestone Rd, Leicester LE2 8TA, UK

Leicester - Saffron Ward


Over hanging shrubbery causing a restriction & possible hazard to pedestrians


Reported 10/10/2019 09:48
Completed Yes On 11/10/2019
Visible to public Yes
Category Obstructions of roads & pavements
Status Closed
Job Code 1560577
Obstructing Shrubbery

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10/10/2019 14:33 This issue is being investigated and will be resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for using Love Leicester. You’re making a real difference.
11/10/2019 17:20 We’re working on a resolution.

This issue has occurred on land over which Leicester City Council does not have direct authority. This means we may need to use enforcement action to get the result we want. These situations can take longer to resolve than the more straightforward issues we deal with, possibly 8 weeks or longer. Thanks for holding on.

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